Whether you’re a solo artist with just the bare bones of a song, or a full a band ready to track and make a record, I’m well-accustomed to working with a variety of situations and getting the best possible recording out of it. I own Park Sound Studio in North Vancouver, and routinely record out of Blue Light Studio, Monarch, and Rain City Records to suit a band’s budget and needs.


Mixing is much more than balancing the levels of all the instruments. It’s a creative process that lets every element fit in the context of the song. That process involves using EQ, compression, reverb, delays and other effects to make the mix sound as good as possible.

I’ve also worked with several, fantastic mastering engineers over the years, and depending on the genre of music, I can point you to the right engineer.

I mix out of Park Sound Studio.


Have audio that has some pesky room noise in it? Or dialogue that was recorded outdoors, and the wind is making the voices inaudible? Whether it’s a guitar track, that has a ton of amp buzz, or audio that needs reviving, send it over, and I can help clean it up.


I provide audio services for film, TV, online use and other multimedia projects. This includes dialogue editing, mixing, voiceover work, and sound design, From 2012-2014 I was the sound editor for MSN Exclusives, which included mixing interviews for Black Sabbath, Kendrick Lamar, Selena Gomez and the Lumineers. Since then clients have been Google, CTI, Amway, amongst others.


From what artists have told me: I have a calm, respectful demeanour in the studio; am a creative filter for ideas; a whiz in Pro Tools with fast editing skills; and have vast knowledge and understanding of a variety of instruments.