About Park Sound Studio

Park Sound Studio opened in Winter 2023 after moving from its previous North Vancouver location. It is owned and operated by myself and Dan Ponich.

Located in the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver, award-winning and chart-topping recording artists from across the country have found a home at Park Sound. 

Park Sound Studio is easily accessible by car and transit, with the Seabus terminal only a 10-minute walk away. Surrounded by a half dozen microbreweries, and even more coffee shops and restaurants, not to mention the beautiful Lonsdale Quay, artists and engineers can enjoy all the amenities and sights that Lower Lonsdale has to offer.


Tracking Rooms

Park Sound offers a spacious 20’ x 26’ live room with 2 separate iso booths, and a wired-up lounge that houses our antique upright piano and additional guitar amps. The first thing you will notice about the layout is the incredible sightlines between the tracking rooms allowing musicians to conveniently communicate visually while recording.

The live room has ideal dimensions for big rock and roll drum sounds, while the 100 sq ft iso room will provide a dead, tight recording space, perfect for folk and acoustic music.

Our vocal booth is conveniently wedged between the control room and live room, allowing singers and voice artists easy in and out access. Its minimal ambient noise and pristine acoustics makes it the ideal choice for voice-over work, making it a perfect space for recording audioboooks, commercials, and podcasts.

Each of the five recording rooms is equipped with microphone inputs, guitar connections, and speaker lines, ensuring seamless recording flexibility for scenarios involving multiple musicians and simultaneous amp tracking.

Control Room

Park Sound’s control room is centered around an API 1608 console. A pair of Focal Trio11 Be‘s sits on top our custom Buso Audio desk, which houses our 4 1176s, 3 Distressors, a vintage reissue 2 LA-2A, SSL G Series Compressor, 2 Tube Tech PE1Cs, amongst other favourites.

To the left of the console is the patch bay, which has been carefully organized in a way for any engineer to quickly become accustomed to it.

The back wall rack unit houses additional outboard gear such as 3 Neve/Sheps 31105 channel strips, a pair of  Great River ME1NV’s strips and 2 1960’s Altec 436 compressors. Our rack of guitar pedals has 25+ pedals – boutique and modern, vintage, and everything in between.



Our recording rooms are outfitted with Behringer P16-M personal mixers allowing musicians to control their own individual mixes. All stations are outfitted with comfortable pairs of Audio Technica ATH-M50 and Sennheiser HD 280 Pro’s.


Park Sound is equipped with familiar classics such as a Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, P Basses, to a Gibson J45 to boutique gems from Prestige Guitars. We have 3 drum kits from Ludwig, Pork Pie, and Mapex, top-of-the-line cymbals and snares from Zildjian, Meinl, Sabian, Ludwig, and Pearl. Recently, we restored an early 20th-century upright Neumeyer Piano.


Our control room is outfitted with a set of Focal Trio11Be monitors. Artists and producers alike love these loudspeakers which provide incredible low-end and extremely precise stereo imaging. The smooth top end and low distortion is most notable after long studio sessions, as ear fatigue is non-existent on these monitors.


Our kitchen includes drinks and snacks from our partners at Balderdash Brewing, Kirk’s Sparkling Kefir and Clif Bar. We also stock complimentary coffee, teas, flavoured sparkling water, Lärabars for all guests at the studio.